Life was fine, selfish and enticing with catered parties and shallow friends. Now the summer was over and Sarah saw that it had reached a desolate end that left her empty and hollow. She jumped into the pool a final time to swim, escape and turn her back on it all. Swimming deeper into the water, Sarah found another world promising a different end, filled with peace, purpose and an abiding love. The place of all beginnings. Everything lay waiting and resting: the original hyaline that would soon reflect the reason of the sky, the waters that will brandish and obey the winds, giving life to reaching, potent things.  Then she saw him, the man with the kind but penetrating eyes, his hand beckoned her to come and join with him. She swam toward him and then suddenly it was all gone. Gasping for air at the edge of the pool, Sarah knew that she had to reclaim her place in this paradisiacal world.

  Thus, begins her unexpected journey to find that place and him again. To do so, she must overcome many dark obstacles presented to her by “well-intentioned friends” who only want to pull her away from the object of her desire.

   They almost won and almost made Sarah forget or at least doubt her dream.  Until the day she received a letter from someone named Theo. Then the phone calls so she could hear his voice, followed by requests that she speak before various groups—with instructions and a provided topic. More letters, more calls, more lectures to various groups, but never a meeting with Theo.

   Who’s Theo? This becomes the vexing and frustrating question.  Sarah asks politely at first, then demands an in-person meet. But Theo always defers vaguely with a soon, Sarah, soon or when the time is right.

   Until that time comes, Sarah finds herself loving a man she cannot see.

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